Terrorist Shot and in Custody – Terror Attacks in 3 States in one day

Terror Attacks in New Jersey
and New York & Minnesota


Fox News says that Ahmad Khan Rahami was shot and is in custody
after a shooting in Linden New Jersey and is thought to be the person or one of the people responsible for the New York and New Jersey Bombings.

5 explosives devices found in New Jersey


Ahmad Khan Rahami Shot and in Custody

Ahmad Khan Rahami

Attacked in 3 States in one day
New York, New Jersey and Minnesota
There is 110,000 more refugees on their
way after the 1st of the year

Ahmad Khan Rahami 28 years old Born in Afghanistan
Last known address is in Elizabeth, New Jersey
We need to stop all Immigration right now and
put into place extreme vetting mechanizm.

Ahmad Khan Rahami of Elizabeth, N.J.
lived aboved Family owned 
chicken restaurant
at 104 Elmora Ave. in Elizabeth


Chelsea bombing suspect is identified

Source 2:

SAME GUY – 3 different looks Ahmad Khan Rahami

We need to stop all Immigration right now and
put into place an extreme vetting mechanizm.


A Nation Under God – Video

We are a Nation of the believe in God

Declaration of Independence “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator ”

Pledge of Alligance ” One Nation Under God ”

Every Coin and Bill in our wallet says ” In God We Trust ”

Thank you BEN CARSON

Ben Carson Unhinged! Dismantles Obama! Amazing!


Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Resettlement

BOISE – The United States has now admitted its 10,000th Syrian refugee. It’s all a part of President Obama’s resettlement program. A decision that has come with a lot of controversy.

Syrian refugees have been coming into the U.S. since 2012 and placed in 231 cities across the country, including Boise.  In fact, a New York Times article shows the City of Trees has welcomed in more Syrian refugees than the two largest cities in America: New York and Los Angeles.  However, why is it that a city of nearly 300,000 is seeing more than a city of 8 million?


We already know that their Culture does not fit with ours.

Video – Clinton “Remove Classification Marks”


Video – Clinton – Wiki Wiki Wiki

Clinton tells minions to remove Classification Marks

Clinton wants to get rid of Wikileaks
And is tracking Julian Assange every move


Original Video


Video – Here’s Hillary – In her own words

Video – Here’s Hillary – In her own words

Under Sniper Fire

On Gay Marriage

On Gay Marriage 2

Senator Robert Byrd 1


Senator Robert Byrd 2


Senator Robert Byrd 3


Now More Video’s from Hillary Clinton

Robert Byrd is Nobel

Robert Byrd was the Heart & Soul of the Senate

Hillary as Secretary of State she
relies on Robert Byrd’s Advice and Council

Robert Byrd made her a better Citizens

Robert Byrd left such a legacy


Original Video of Robert C. Byrd

Hillary Clinton Endorses Former KKK
Member Robert Byrd as Secretary of State


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