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Black Energy

Black Energy

Identified several years ago, BlackEnergy is a Trojan malware designed to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, download custom spam, and banking information-stealer plugins.Feb 11, 2016

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What does it do?

BlackEnergy malware was known to have been used to deliver KillDisk, a feature that could render systems unusable and could obliterate critical components on an infected system.  It was reported to have possessed remarkable functions that could place Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at risk. An attack scenario involves a target receiving an email that contains a malicious attachment. The attacker spoofs the sender address in order to appear to be coming from Rada (the Ukrainian parliament). Once the target opens the attachment, the victim is asked to run the macro in the document.

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Stand with Energy Independence & for COAL workers – #SayNoToCapAndTrade

Just when we are becoming Energy Independent you want to STOP IT !


Did you know that when they talk about CAP AND TRADE they are talking about Emissions ?  I bet most of us didn’t, It’s
About Coal
About Oil
About Fracking
About Energy Basicly,  Power, If we don’t curb this action we will fall to the bottom of the barrel on the world Stage.

And in the last video, Hillary tells you where she stands.

Lets get even for COAL workers

1st – Do you know that you can trade on Emissions ?

Well you can, You can trade on the amount of carbon a company produces. Insane Right ?

I think we need to remove this from the markets.  You should not be able to make money on something like this.  Some are saying Obama is set to make a lot of money  from the carbon that companies produce.

Listen to the next 4 videos closely

1st – A Cap and Trade system in place more aggressive then anyone else.  WHY ?

2nd – Obama called for 100%  on the Cap & Trade System meaning you pay  ( SOMEONE )  for every single unit of any carbon emission.

Why would you call for 100% and make it even harder for companies to start or even stay open for business ?

3rd – So you want to make it harder and harder every year ?  So intern you will be killing jobs after jobs for years to come !

4th – Sounds like you have it all planned out, How to stop all Power Producing Capabilities from the United States.

Just when we are becoming Energy independent you STOP IT !

A Plan that was put in place and will be kept in place if Hillary is Elected

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We believe this all has to do with the European Union ( E.U. ) Which we are not a part of and England just left.

It is the opinion of this writer that we move or get out of this all together.  Yes it’s nice not to pollute, But these restrictions on the United States is way out of line and the Regulations need to be removed or at the very least Lowered way way down.

Cap and trade is the most environmentally and economically sensible approach to controlling greenhouse gas emissions, the primary driver of global warming. The “cap” sets a limit on emissions, which is lowered over time to reduce the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere.

Except Obama called for 100%  on the Cap & Trade System meaning you pay  ( SOMEONE )  for every single unit of any carbon emission.

There is no Allowances – Under President Barack Hussein Obama II

Cap and Trade Mechanism-med

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