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Terrorism at Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport

Terrorism at Fort Lauderdale
Florida Airport

Terrorism at Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport

They allowed him to pack a Gun ( 9mm ) in his checked bag, Which I guess is not the real problem in our opinion.

Where the problem is they allowed the
Ammunition for that gun to be packed also.

Victims of the Terror attack in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Our hearts and Prayers are with the Families of the Terror Attack in Fort Lauderdale Florida ( Views And Thoughts Family )

Olga Woltering, 84, from Georgia

Parishioners at the Catholic Church of the Transfiguration in Cobb County, Georgia, remember Olga Woltering as “the life of the party.”

“She was always a bright spirit,” Ron Schaefer said. “We’d see her at church, and it was always a pleasure to see her smiling face and say hello to her.”

On Saturday, those same church members who recalled the octogenarian’s bright smile circulated news of her death.

She and her husband, 90, had been an active part of their congregation since 1978.

At Saturday evening’s Mass, Father Fernando Molina-Restrepo spoke of evil, saying there are some people walking in darkness, “bringing pain and clouds of sadness into our world.”

“We saw an example of this yesterday at the Fort Lauderdale airport,” he said.

Woltering and her husband flew to Fort Lauderdale for a cruise, parishioners said. Friends said she was originally from England. Ralph Woltering had served in the U.S. Air Force, parishioner Alvin Connolly said.

“From what I understand, their sons are in Florida with her husband right now,” Connolly said.

The couple lived in a retirement community.

“She and her husband were kind of the life of the party,” Connolly said. “They’d go to a dance, and they’d be the last ones on the floor.

“You look at them and say, ‘Man I hope I can do everything they do when I’m that age,’” Connolly said.

Woltering was active in the ladies auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charity affiliated with her church, said Roger Heil, the grand knight of the local Knights of Columbus group. Her husband was involved in the Knights of Columbus, he said.


Terry Andres 62 of Virginia Beach, Virginia

Terry Andres started celebrating his 62nd birthday on Friday. He was getting ready to go on a 16-day cruise when authorities said Esteban Santiago ended his life at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Andres and his wife, Ann Andres, flew to Fort Lauderdale from Virginia Beach, Virginia. They were at the Delta Sky Club, when he decided to go get a luggage cart. He died at the baggage claim area of Terminal 2.

Ann Andres survived. Their daughter Ryan Kim  and the families of four other victims killed were still trying to understand what happened.

“I know that everyone always says that people are the greatest in the world, but he was the greatest person you could know,” Kim said during an interview with the Palm Beach Post. “He never had a horrible word to say about anyone or anything.”

Andres was a member of the Oceana Volunteer Fire Department. Other members of the department said he had been a support technician since 2004.

“He was well liked and respected for both his dedication to being a volunteer, as well as his professional approach,” the department said in a statement, according to WAVY-TV.


Michael Oehme, 57


Iowa couple Michael and Kari Oehme loved to travel. They were heading to Fort Lauderdale on Friday for another high-seas adventure when they were caught in the spray of bullets that killed five people at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Michael Oehme, 57, was fatally shot. His wife, 55, was shot in the shoulder and is expected to recover, according to a family member.

Michael Oehme was a surveyor and had his own company called Boundaryline Surveys Oehme-Nielsen & Associates, according to public records. His wife is a customer service representative for a telecommunications company, according to her Facebook profile.

They live with their dog in a two-story home in the Wilshire Heights subdivision in Council Bluffs, a city of 62,000 residents in Iowa just east of Omaha, Neb. A neighbor said they have lived in the development for at least 20 years.

They have a daughter, Andrea Oehme, 28, who works in food service at a hospital, according to her social media profile.

They live with their dog in a two-story home in the Wilshire Heights subdivision in Council Bluffs, a city of 62,000 residents in Iowa just east of Omaha, Neb. A neighbor said they have lived in the development for at least 20 years.

They have a daughter, Andrea Oehme, 28, who works in food service at a hospital, according to her social media profile.

The day of the shooting, she updated her profile photo with “Pray for Fort Lauderdale” and her cover photo with an image of a candle that read “Pray for Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting Victims.”

Through their social media posts, which include selfies, the Oehmes radiated love, a tight family of three. One of Andrea Oehme’s updates reads, “Family is everything.”

On Father’s Day, she posted, “Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing man I’ve ever met … MY DAD!!! Love you to the moon and back Daddy.”

In a photo from last February, she posed with her mom on a Florida dock and wished a happy birthday “to my best friend and the best mom ever!! I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” Another 2016 image shows them smiling while attending a Ringo Starr performance.

And in a separate post last year, Kari Oehme wrote on her daughter’s page, “No matter how old you are, we will never leave your side. Love you so, so much.”

Elizabeth Oehme-Miller said that her brother Michael and her sister-in-law were preparing for a Caribbean cruise scheduled to depart Saturday.

She said they traveled often, enjoyed cruising and were looking forward to their next trip, according to The Associated Press. She also added that a family member is heading to Fort Lauderdale to be with Kari Oehme.


IT’S TRUE Kellys’ Gone – Megyn Kelly – A Disgrace

IT’S TRUE Kellys’ Gone – Megyn Kelly – A Disgrace

FOX Insider Confesses

Queen Megyn Kelly Unwanted & Loathed at FOX; Toppled by Hannity & O’Reilly (Video)

he Megyn Kelly act got old very fast for her Fox colleagues and producers, a Fox News insider said Tuesday. And when Kelly made up a story about Donald Trump threatening her, she sealed her walking papers with the network.

“Everyone we work with hated this woman,” the Fox insider said. “She changed so much and made it impossible to like her.”

Read more here

As of Friday January 6th 2017

Megyn is Gone.  We reported it last night and again we were right !


good riddance (to bad rubbish)

good riddance (to bad rubbish) said when you are pleased that a bad or unwanted thing or person, or something of poor quality, has gone: We’ve got rid of the old computer system, and good riddance is what I say. Removing and getting rid of things.

good riddance – Cambridge Dictionary – Cambridge University Press
We really hope we may have played a small part in her leaving . . .

Megyn Kelly – A Disgrace
Megyn Kelly EXPOSED

What Happened to Megyn

Howard TV Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly And Newt Come To Blows!

Hypocrite Hussy: Megyn Kelly EXPOSED


She will never stop bashing Donald Trump ( President Trump ) at every chance she gets …..

Expose her for the Low Class piece of work she is and should not be on the air broadcasting the crap she does.


Castro is dead

November 25, at 10:29 pm Castro Died
He was 90 years old.

Obama sent his condolences

CNN does a whole video presentation – See here

USA Today does the same – See here

Reuters calls him a Revolutionary Icon – See here

Donald J. Trump says Fidel Castro is dead !

( That’s it ) the way it should be.  Yes yes we know we should all learn from this and make sure we read up on him so we do not make the same mistakes of the past. but lets all just forget this guy.

We say “Let Castro and his name go quietly into that good night.”

Video – North American Union – New World Order

North American Union – New World Order

“Open Borders Open Trade Open Minds” Say’s George H.W. Bush
North American Union – New World Order

SPP  “Security, Prosperity Partnership”

Lou Dobbs says ” It would weaken U.S. Laws and dimminish American Sovrenty



They all will come after him because he is going to fix the Mess that this country has been in for a very very long time !

I mean stuff we don’t even know about

After watching this video, I remembered something about the statement that our Laws the United States Laws would no longer matter it would be the Laws decided by the United Nations . . .

Which is NOT THE WAY TO GO by the way

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CAIR to Muslims: Defy Customs Agents

CAIR to Muslims: Defy Customs Agents

Hassan Shibly (Executive Director CAIR, Florida) ( P.O.S. )
Published on Jun 2, 2016

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) calls on Muslims to openly defy U.S. Customs Agents when questioned on travel from Islamic controlled countries by saying, “None of your Damn Business.”Hassan Shibly ( P.O.S. ) (Executive Director CAIR, Florida) also encourages Muslims to agitate Customs Agents by saying Islamic prayers “very loudly” when questioned. Shibly ( P.O.S. ) also stated that he was, “Asked to do this by our friends from within the government.” Hassan Shibly ( P.O.S. ) was awarded by Nihad Awad (CAIR co-founder and National Executive Director) as “CAIR Chapter of the Year” in 2013. CAIR’s open defiance of law enforcement has been well documented. In 2011 CAIR, California posted flyers on their website featuring a sinister looking FBI agent with the headlines, “Build a Wall of Resistance,” and “Don’t Talk to the FBI.”

The FBI has reportedly cut ties to CAIR after the Holy Land Foundation trial during which CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator along with its co-founder Omar Achmad as supporters of the terrorist group HAMAS. In November 2014 the UAE (United Arab Emirates) specifically listed CAIR as a “terrorist organization” saying the group is “linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, promote extremism, and incite and finance terrorism,” and “wear a cloak of democracy and liberalism.”

In July 2014, Breitbart released a story showing video of Shibly’s ( P.O.S. ) CAIR, FL group sponsoring an pro HAMAS rally in Miami where members were chanting, “We are HAMAS. We are Jihad.”



Hassan Shibly ( P.O.S. ) (Executive Director CAIR, Florida)

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