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Video – Here’s Hillary – In her own words

Video – Here’s Hillary – In her own words

Under Sniper Fire

On Gay Marriage

On Gay Marriage 2

Senator Robert Byrd 1


Senator Robert Byrd 2


Senator Robert Byrd 3


Now More Video’s from Hillary Clinton

Robert Byrd is Nobel

Robert Byrd was the Heart & Soul of the Senate

Hillary as Secretary of State she
relies on Robert Byrd’s Advice and Council

Robert Byrd made her a better Citizens

Robert Byrd left such a legacy


Original Video of Robert C. Byrd

Hillary Clinton Endorses Former KKK
Member Robert Byrd as Secretary of State

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Bobby Jindal 2016 Presidential Run

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Announces Run for 2016 US Presidential Elections




Seems like we may have a contender

Mr Jindal is popular with social conservatives and evangelical Christians, but his home state appeal faded as he tried to close a $1.6 billion shortfall in the state’s budget, caused in part by falling oil prices, without breaking a promise not to raise taxes.
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