I’m up here in the BUG HOUSE
My Brain is in a Rut,

My keeper thinks I’m Crazy
But he is off his Nut,

I’m Just as saine as you are
and I can Proof it too,

For when you here my lullaby
You’ll know I’m not Coo Coo,

I was born one night in the Morning
When the Whistle Rang Boom Boom,

I boiled the Cake and I Baked the Steak
While the Mud Pies were in Bloom,

And 6 and 6 are 9
You get Ice from a Mine,

And Old Black Joe was an Eskimo
and you get Pork from Porcupine,

And now that you have heard me
I’m sure that you’ll agree,

That up here in the Bug House
should be my keeper instead of me.
Taught to me as a young child
Some time in the early 60’s
by my Mother, Beverly Larneard